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GetReal helps organisations make better decisions

GetReal helps organisations make better decisions. We help organisations focus on what’s important to build value and drive the business forward.

GetReal provides short tightly structured consulting engagements that achieve in hours or days what could take an organisation months to achieve. We work with your team to open a problem up to be solved and then build consensus around actions to move forward. The decisions made during our engagement provide the roadmap to deliver what's strategically important to your organisation. We provide a tightly choreographed set of exercises that help a team work through a problem from a number of different angles to help form solutions that the team can get behind.

Work with us and we will reduce your todo list. The GetReal’s approach to consulting came about as a very personal response to problems that three founders experienced both as consulting professionals and as founders. We understand from experience that entrepreneurial teams are always overcommitted - that and their targets are always ambitious. Even agile businesses all too often experience organisational pinch-points and need external perspective to help regroup, re-prioritise and move forward. Our approach to consulting draws on our team's considerable expertise in: Management Consulting, Agile, Lean, Product Management, and Design Thinking.

We offer 3 services:

Decision Jam

Decision Jam when you need to open a problem up to your team and build consensus around actions to move forward. Your team has the answer, time is short, you need focus.

Decision Sprint

Decision Sprint when your team can’t answer the question on their own. Our job is to close the gap between believing and knowing. First we tear down assumptions. We interrogate your team, we engage your target audience and/or industry experts to identify the core questions facing your business. Then we build. We work with your team to create testable experiments that will turn core questions into verifiable facts, with actions to move your business forward.

Decision Scrum

Decision Scrum when you need to determine if a programme should be in your portfolio. A decision scrum is our product for designing and de-risking business models: a programme that involves a series of experiments, jams, and sprints to validate the key assumptions that underpin your business case to create a business model with higher probability of success.
Decision Scrum.

Evidence based decision support

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We help you make better decisions

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