Decision Scrum

1 to 4 week tailored process to examine multiple related problems in a business, project, or product. Features domain expert contribution throughout. De-risk large decisions using structured experiments.
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Decision Scrum Decision Scrum

The objective of a decision scrum is to determine what programmes should be in your portfolio. Investing in risky ventures isn’t itself a bad thing as long as the payout warrants the risk. A decision scrum is our product for designing and de-risking business models: a programme that involves a series of experiments, jams, and sprints to validate the key assumptions that underpin your business case to create a business model with higher probability of success.

Figuring out where to deploy resources so that they have most impact is the key to success. In many cases you can’t affect the variance of a system, however you can choose how and where you deploy your resources. We help by bringing new perspectives - we include industry experts in the scrum process, we engage customers, and most importantly your team to co-design solutions. We address: feasibility “can we make this?”; desirability “will people want it?”; viability “can we deliver this profitably?”.

During a Scrum we get a clear understanding of the opportunity and the key questions that need to be answered to move forward to a successful conclusion. The output from a scrum is a clarified business case, a clear set of actions, and clear metrics that define success.

We examine channels. We look at financials. We test product, and evaluate value propositions.

A scrum typically takes 4 to 6 weeks, and will include Jams, Sprints, and experiments to prove out the business case and get hard evidence to move ahead with investment.

What to expect

Business Case Clarity
Business Case Clarity
During the scrum you will get a clearer understanding of the scale of opportunity and hard evidence to help you de-risk whether or not to proceed with you CAPEx decision or investment
Product Market Fit
Product Market Fit
You will build team alignment around the value proposition so that your team understands what needs to be delivered to build value for the customer and get to Product-Market fit and beyond.

Client Results

We found a service addressable market of $55 million around which we could build a new product initiative that could increase total company revenue by 28%
We helped the board understand and measure the opportunity and secured board approval for project investment of $300,000.
Case Study

Page (formally the Arthur W. Page Society), the global membership organization for chief communications officers, engaged Get Real in February 2020 to develop the business case and strategy for an online learning offer to be launched in 2021. Get Real worked with the executive team, internal stakeholders, and external learning specialists to identify an online learning need that would align with its mission and be a viable business opportunity. The engagement culminated in a board decision in June 2020 to adopt Get Real’s recommendations for a Learning Lab targeted at members’ teams and proceed to implementation. The Learning Lab is now a vibrant and growing online learning community offering masterclasses, mentoring, podcasts, courses, videos, and articles to more than 500 senior communications professionals.

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